Protect Your Most Valuable Asset—Your Skin!

Protect Your SkinSkin cancers. Brown spots. Wrinkles. These are just a few of the “benefits” of long-term sun exposure without adequate protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

But the warm sun feels so good on our skin, and tanned skin looks so “healthy,” right?

Unfortunately, we have found that this is short-term thinking and that long-term exposure causes cumulative damage, resulting in aging and even cellular degeneration in the skin that can lead to skin cancers.

Realizing this reality, physicians in general and especially those of us in the beauty business have been advising people for decades to put on the sunblock! And now, the manufacturers have begun placing information on their products that can help, telling us how long the protective effects will last before you need to re-apply your sunblock.

I advise my patients to use a minimum of a 30 SPF block for any lengthy time in the sun and, for anyone who has just had any resurfacing (microdermabrasion, peels, or laser skin rejuvenation), to stay out of the sun completely for several weeks following the treatment and to then go out only with a 50 SPF block (or a higher rating) covering the treated skin.

You can always have the “spray tan” done or use the “tan in the can” to get that “look” without the skin damage that the sun and tanning booths are known to cause. Look good, but protect your most valuable beauty asset — your skin.

Wishing you a safe and healthy rest of the summer.

Dr. Scheu