Brow Lift in St. Louis

As with all tissues, the upper face tends to “sag” and “wrinkle” with aging, and sometimes this occurs well in advance of “getting old” sometimes as early as in the late thirties ! The severity and age of onset of the “droopiness” and “bagginess” of the upper facial tissues varies considerably, because it is often dependent upon our heredity. The problem is that “drooping”, or low-positioned eyebrows, and “baggy” or “puffy” eyelids make us look older than we feel, and deep furrows in the forehead, or bulging lower eyelids or “dark circles” can make us look mad or just tired all the time–so what can be done ? A brow lift or eyelid lift can help.

Certainly, with the spectrum of problems mentioned here, not everyone needs the same solution, and the good news is that, for the upper face, there are many techniques, like chemical peels, laser skin “lightening” or “Botox” injections that can help; however, for the excess upper eyelid skin which “hangs over”, or for the lower lids that have begun to look “baggy”, then upper and/or lower eyelid surgery (“blepharoplasty”), are usually the best treatment. The excess skin can be removed from the eyelids, and sometimes there are fat “pockets” beneath which need to be trimmed back as well, to restore the “rested” look and proper contours; these surgeries leave scars in the crease lines of the lids, which generally fade out nicely over time; still, these are surgeries, and require rest and support for proper recovery, usually with a week or so off work afterwards, with the use of cold compresses and head elevation while the swelling dissipates.

Dr. Scheu has been performing these procedures for almost 30 years, under general anesthesia usually, and almost always outpatient.

Brow Lift Procedure

And, for the person with very deep horizontal lines in the forehead, along with “droopy” brows, the answer here is often a “brow lift” surgery. The incisions, for a brow lift, are generally made within the scalp, and the hair is not cut or shaved at surgery, all of which helps to minimize the visibility of the incision (and, later, the scar). As with all surgeries done for cosmetic improvement, insurance cannot be expected to cover any of the cost of these “lifts”. All the details for surgery and the other available options for lesser approaches to get the brows to elevate and the lines to “flatten”, whether this be with “Botox” injections, or “filler” injections, or laser or peel treatments are discussed by Dr. Scheu with his patients, and, should a surgical option be chosen, the risks and recovery factors are discussed fully before proceeding. And Dr. Scheu strives to achieve a “rested” but non-operated look with his brow lift patients, to avoid the “Hollywood” look we have all seen on TV and movie celebrities.

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