As we age, our skin inevitably loses collagen and elasticity. Skin laxity is most apparent in the face, which can produce an aged or tired appearance. Sagging facial tissues contribute to several signs of aging, including a loss of definition along the jawline, drooping jowls, and vertical bands in the neck area. Facial rejuvenation reverses these effects, restoring a patient’s youthfulness and natural radiance. I offer the most comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, facelift surgery, to address lower face imperfections and provide long-lasting enhancement.


Ideal candidates for facelift surgery are men and women who can relate to any of these lower face concerns:

  • Jowls
  • Undefined jawline
  • Sagging neck skin
  • Vertical bands in the center of the neck


Metropolitan Plastic Surgery is considered to be the home of the “awake facelift,” as I have performed hundreds of facelifts without the need for general anesthesia. Patients are given oral sedation and local anesthetic, which makes the procedure safer. Avoiding general anesthesia also makes facelift surgery more cost-efficient because it cuts hospital and anesthesia fees.

Facelift Procedure

  • Almost every patient will benefit from the same facelift technique, which is executed as follows:
  • Small incisions are created around the ears and underneath the chin.
  • The superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) is lifted to provide support for the overlying facial tissues.
  • The platysma muscle beneath the chin, at the front of the neck, is divided to prevent reoccurrence of vertical bands.
  • The fat pad beneath the chin is removed using direct excision.
  • The facial tissues are repositioned, excess skin is excised, and the incisions are sutured.

Facelift FAQs

What will my recovery be like after a facelift?

You will have your first post-op visit 24 hours after surgery to ensure you have no excessive bleeding and to have your ace wrap removed. Expect to wear a chin strap for one week to support the facial tissues, but it can be removed for showering. After one week of continuous wear, you will wear the strap only at night for the following 10 days.

Can I combine my facelift with other facial rejuvenation procedures?

Because a facelift does not address issues in the midface or upper face, some patients choose to combine it with other procedures to achieve total facial rejuvenation. Facelift surgery may be performed in conjunction with any of the following:

Which imperfections can a midfacial lift correct?

A midfacial lift technique addresses deep nasolabial folds, midface laxity, and sagging cheeks.

Will I have any scars after facelift surgery?

There is always a risk of scarring after any surgery, but I am careful to place facelift incisions in discreet locations around the ears and underneath the chin. The incisions are minuscule, and any scarring that does occur will likely fade and become imperceptible over time.