Facial Rejuvenation in St. Louis

As we age, our tissues lose the snug collagen support we had in the face and neck in our younger days. With the constant pull of gravity, we begin to see a “sagginess” in our faces especially noticeable is the loss of definition along the jaw line, and “hanging” soft tissues in the neck, or the development of vertical “bands” in the central neck. The “jowls” start to form because the soft tissues which used to give us that youthful “fullness” in the cheeks have begun to migrate downward, sliding below the jaw line. Unfortunately, there are no creams that can restore our degraded collagen, and most of the laser, ultrasound or radio-wave technologies being heavily advertised as the solution usually don’t get the sagging tissues to respond very much and, if there is some response, the benefit usually doesn’t last very long [and it is never a complete reversal of the “sagginess”].

Dr. Scheu, as a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a member of the prestigious American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, has been performing face and neck lifts for over 25 years, and all his experience and training in this area are used to obtain the optimal result for you.

Certainly, there may be other concerns in addition to the “sagging” of the face, jawline and neck tissues, such as the quality and texture of the skin of the face and neck, as many of us have had too much unprotected sun exposure, and the damaged surface may need to be addressed as well as the “sagginess”, with “peels” or laser resurfacing, in addition. But the only tried-and-true method of rejuvenating the sagging soft tissues is to perform a “lift”, and this requires a surgery. With a “facelift”, incisions around the ears (and usually with an additional small incision under the chin) are used to allow your plastic surgeon to “undermine” the skin, bringing it free of deep attachments, so that it can be pulled upwards (and a little bit backwards), back to where it started, and then held in that position by suturing it down to the appropriate points, after the overlapping skin excess is trimmed off. This is the only way to restore the youthful “look” we had before the downward migration and stretching of the skin (and loss of collagen support) occurred, and to obtain the rejuvenation of the face and neck that the other “half-way” measures out there simply cannot provide.

Facelift Technique in St. Louis

A simple maneuver to evaluate the need for the lower face, jaw line and neck “lifting” can be done by looking in the mirror and pulling up and back on the jaw line and cheeks, to see if there is a “bunching” of excess skin in front of the ear, and, if so, facial rejuvenation may be in your near future. If the upper face is also a concern, with baggy eyelids, or drooping brows, these areas will require their own surgical approaches, as the true “facelift” only addresses the lower face and neck; however, these can also be addressed at the same time as the lower face, with a combined surgical approach.

The details of the surgical approach (which varies somewhat from one patient to another), the risks and the recovery timetable of facial rejuvenation will be discussed on your surgical consult.

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