Non Surgical Facelift with Fractional CO2 Laser in St. Louis, MO

Laser technologies are of great impact in our practice, and for aged and sun-damaged skin, use of the carbon dioxide laser can provide significant rejuvenation in the form of a non surgical facelift. This particular laser is a hybrid of two different laser technologies, blending the benefits of “fractional” laser physics, where the energy beams penetrate deeply into the dermal layer of the skin, to “remodel” the collagen, and the “ablative” nature of the carbon dioxide laser–which takes off the (damaged) outer layer of the skin. While being somewhat limited in application (it is safest for those patients with lighter skin tones), this laser can be used to treat dark areas of the skin, as with the condition melasma, to “smooth” fine lines, and to induce skin “tightening” to reverse some of the laxity of the skin that occurs with aging.

How a Non Surgical Facelift Works in St. Louis

This laser works best when applied to the face, and is often combined with surgical facelifts, to blend the overall facial tones and texture, providing a very nice complement to the lifting of the sagging lower face and neck soft tissues achieved with the surgery, to provide an often-dramatic rejuvenation. I describe the use of the fractional CO2 laser along with a facelift as putting the “icing on the cake”.

While I occasionally use it in a very low power to treat the neck and décolletage, it cannot be used at sufficient power settings in these areas (where the skin is relatively “thin” compared to the face) to give any significant “tightening” to the neck skin–but when combined with the lower face/neck lift, the “tightening“ is done surgically.

The recovery from a non surgical facelift is somewhat dependent upon the power settings used, and these are matched to the degree of sun damage and amount of “wrinkling” present; usually within a week or so, the laser-treated skin is healed and the initial “crusting” noted with this laser has subsided, and cover makeup can be worn, although there is usually still a bit of residual skin redness present, which does fade to a pink color and then returns to the lighter skin tone desired.

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