Lower Body Lift in St. Louis

This procedure has become popular in the past few years, as more and more people have successfully lost significant body weight, only to find that there are “sagging” tissues of the trunk, buttock and thighs that they don’t like. As with other areas of the body, when the fatty tissues are subtracted, the overlying skin usually does not contract down very well, thus leaving folds of overhanging skin that detract from the appearance, and make it more difficult to wear the clothing that would be better suited to the decreased body weight. In the past, “piecemeal” surgical approaches, often with unsightly, or hard-to-cover scarring were used. But now, the lower trunk, buttock and thigh areas can all be restructured, with removal of the excess skin (and some fat, in most cases) using a circumferential incision that allows us to offer an abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), thigh lift and buttock lift, all at one time.

The scar travels completely around the trunk, and is basically a posterior extension of the usual scar for the “tummy tuck”, and can be hidden with lingerie, and even some two-piece swimsuits, and the transformation of the body contours can be amazing.

As with all serious surgical procedures, this lower body lift procedure is done in the operating room, under general anesthesia, and it can take 6 or more hours of surgery time. Dr. Scheu has been performing these procedures for almost 10 years now, for both the massive weight loss (bariatric) patients, and also for patients who have not lost massive weight, but enough that they have sagging buttocks, excess fullness in the lateral and posterior thighs, and overhanging abdominal skin. He also usually combines some liposuction with the lifting, and he keeps lower body lift (LBL) patients in the hospital overnight, just as with the abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) patients, for proper patient safety and comfort.

Contouring with a Lower Body Lift in St. Louis

Patients love the new contours that can be achieved with the lower body lift, but the recovery takes several weeks when this many anatomic areas are modified, so allowances in one‘s schedule for time to heal and recover are necessary. Also, insurance does not cover this ‘cosmetic’ improvement in body contours.

During the consultation for these surgeries, all the technical factors that go into the surgery are discussed, as well as the risks and the recovery time-table, and pictures of other patients of Dr. Scheu’s may be viewed, to get an idea of the contour improvements and of the scar placement and appearance. For the patient who has improved their life and health with successful weight loss of significance, re-contouring the tissue excesses left behind can truly provide a “new lease on life”.

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