Much of the damage that we see in the skin of the face (and, to an extent, on the other exposed areas of the neck and central chest and arms) could be avoided by the use of sun protection, or can be tempered with the use of any of a number of topical agents, so skin care is very important in our practice.

Many of the early skin changes in these sun-exposed areas can be treated with gentle topicals, and we recommend a gentle but effective skin care line of products for daily use, which our staff is happy to explain and demonstrate.

For more extensive damage, the use of microdermabrasion treatments (usually done monthly) can help “smooth” the skin and minimize wrinkle lines and pigmentation irregularities (by gentle exfoliation using crystals expelled on a jet of air against the skin). Beyond that line of defense, we can prescribe bleaching agents for discoloration, or Retin-A for wrinkles, and for the more-resistant sites of pigmentation, chemical peeling with TCA (trichloroacetic acid) may be of benefit, with all treatments performed by Dr. Scheu.

Proper protection of the skin and use of moisturizers and exfoliants are key elements of rejuvenation of the damage sustained from years in the sun, but should the skin need more, the use of our “Fraxel” laser is ideal for pigmentation and fine lines–and, without post-treatment “downtime” as is experienced with the use of “ablative“ lasers–and this laser has been vetted by the FDA for eradication of pre-cancerous skin changes (see the section on “Fraxel” laser for more details), and can be safely applied to any areas of the body (unlike some laser modalities).

So, whatever the level of facial skin challenge, we can offer our patients help in achieving the rejuvenation effects they seek–from the simple approaches to the more-complex technologies.