Smart Lipo® Laser Liposuction in St. Louis

This Smart Lipo® laser liposuction technology is a relatively recent entry into the liposuction arena, and is offered at our practice, mostly being combined with facelift procedures, to “sculpt” the neck, jaw line and cheek contours. The improvement comes from the gentle application of laser energy to the fat of the lower face and neck tissues via a thin fiber, introduced via small incisions behind the earlobe and under the chin (which are standard incisions for the facelift) and passed back and forth in the central and lateral neck zones, and along the jaw lines into the jowls, and can be easily done with the patient under mild sedation and local anesthesia.

Laser Liposuction Technology

The heat generated at the tip of the laser fiber, when passed just beneath the skin, superficially in the subcutaneous tissues, can induce some remodeling of the collagen in the dermis and lead to some “tightening” of the skin overlying the fatty layer, where the laser liquefies the fat but the laser fiber is not connected with any means of suction, so standard liposuction cannulas are used to retrieve the liquefied fat once the end points being monitored during the laser liposuction have been reached.

Smart Lipo® laser liposuction is good for subtle contouring; it is harder to gain significant fat reduction when it is applied to other areas of the body other than the face and neck. It can be done as a “stand-alone” procedure for the neck, when there is not a lot of laxity of the skin of the lower face and neck, but is usually not a substitute for a face/neck lift surgery.

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