Video Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery St. Louis

Our video gallery features some incredible transformations from cosmetic surgery St. Louis. Many of our patients come to Metropolitan Plastic Surgery because they are looking for something they once had. Many women want that youthful look they used to have in their younger years. They desire a face with tight, glowing skin that exudes youth and beauty. Luckily, with Dr. Scheu’s cosmetic surgery St. Louis, he is able to deliver these results to many different women and men. Dr. Scheu specializes in the most up-to-date face lift techniques so provide patients with the results they are looking for. Dr. Scheu’s procedures are the answer if you’re looking to turn back the years and be proud of the face that you see in the mirror every day. Hear from some of Dr. Scheu’s patients, as they explain the process of undergoing cosmetic surgery at Metropolitan Plastic Surgery and their satisfaction with their results.

Cheryl – Face Lift

Michelle – Face Lift

Terry – Face Lift